Monday, November 9, 2009


Jesus, but Offset was brilliant this past weekend.
Loved many, many of the speakers, but my favourites had to be Chip Kidd and Oliver Jeffers. Truly inspiring stuff and no mistake. I was so moved by Jeffers' 'Lost and Found' it's almost disturbing. A friend of mine is convinced that the penguin is my spirit animal and i think she may be right.
Back to Offset, it really felt like we'd got a brand new, utterly worthwhile event to add to the annual art calendar, huge kudos to the organisers. Who knows, may see the micks there next year!
Anyhoo, Appleseed this week. In my delirium last week i watched an awful lot of Anime for some reason(I still don't understand the politics of Ghost in the Shell and don't get me started on the sequel...) One of the movies I enjoyed most was Appleseed, great straightforward action-adventure with gorgeous character/vehicle design by Shirow Masamune.


Declan Shalvey said...

Ah yeah, Offset was absolutely fantastic. Really inspiring. So much talent in one weekend.

I don't really think your spirit animal has anything to do with animals you like.

Yer getting great results from those markes man. The anime/open line thing you're doing here looks great.

The Comic Cast said...

Nice sketch, Moondog.

Furious that I couldn't make Offset but must reiterate what a fabulously organised event it was and fair play to Brenb and the lads for doing it.

Next up, Dublin International Comic Festival next year!

(We told you to watch Lost and Found way back in May - why the delay . . . )

Stephen Mooney said...

I know lads, you did indeed highly reccommend Lost and Found way back. If it helps I'll probably pay a lot more attention next time you tell me to check something out.
See ye next sat!

Declan Shalvey said...

You missed out Liam, you really, really did. Indeed, fair play to all for putting on such a brilliant weekend (and an extremely well-organised one too)

The Lost and Found animation was fantastic too. I got all emotional and shit.

Stephen Thompson said...

Ghost in the Shell is gibberish, but very pretty gibberish. Isn't the Appleseed movie all CGI, like that horrible Final Fantasy movie? Interesting to see you do Manga characters, works well. Especially enjoying the marker stuff.

Stephen Mooney said...

It was mostly cg with some lovely painted bg's, but it was the far more appealing cel-shaded stuff. Final Fantasy was just awful looking.

Declan Shalvey said...

I saw Ghost in the Shell years ago. It looked amazing but i was annoyed by the end as there was absolutely no story to it.

Will Sliney said...

Ah yeah, thats brilliant Mooney, I want it. Great stuff. I love Applseed, Ghost in the Shell and all that stuff. Best of all of them is Stand alone complex.
Dec theres ten times more story in ghost in the shell than two years of Mad Men. Although in fairness the second one is fairly out there

jamie said...

i know it's terribly nerdy,but what did you draw on with those markers?
lovely piece,as it is.

Stephen Mooney said...

Just the normal bristol board, copic markers are fun!

Declan Shalvey said...

Will; you go watch your cartoons and us grown-ups will watch proper, well-written shows, with character, depth and subtext.

To be fair though; i'm only having a go at that old Ghost in the Shell. I haven't seen any of the other stuff mentioned.

Stephen Thompson said...

I think I'd rather watch cartoons too Dec.

Stephen Mooney said...

I think I'd rather watch Dec.